Robby Heck Music

Robby Heck was born in Orange Park, Florida, but grew up in a small rural community in North Central Florida (Bell/High Springs) near Gainesville. Raised by two God-fearing parents along with his two older and one younger brother, they always enjoyed living out in the sticks. Most of their time was spent outside, enjoying the local springs and rivers, which was a necessity in the hot, humid summers. Sports, especially football, were Robby's main interest in high school. His parents, passionate about the Word of God, instilled strong faith in him from a young age. Robby remembers his mother waking up early to read a daily devotional and pray with the children before school. His father would discuss God's Word deeply with him, his brothers, and their friends, allowing him to soak in wisdom.

They attended a small country church 10 minutes from their home, led by Pastor Ralph Rodriguez and Youth Minister Al Paulson, both great men of faith. At the age of 5, during one of Pastor Ralph's sermons, Robby felt a call to accept Jesus as his Savior but was too afraid to come forward during the altar call. After the service, he asked his parents how he could accept Jesus. Robby remembers being in his bedroom on his knees praying with his dad, which is when he accepted Jesus into his life. Although he had a yearning to learn God's Word throughout his childhood, there were times when he got distracted, often by girls.

Robby always had a strong desire to sing and would take every opportunity to do so, especially during worship at his church. He and his brother Daniel would prepare special music for church services, with Daniel playing the guitar or the piano. They would play songs from Third Day, Reliant K, Jeremy Camp, Kutless, and many more Christian artists from that time period, who continue to influence the music Robby makes to this day. One Sunday, Youth Minister Al Paulson performed "Thief" by Third Day, and Robby, even as a young child, wanted to sing with the same power and passion. The combination of the piano's sound filling the church, along with Al's voice and the message of God being preached through music, had an amazing impact on Robby and inspired him to pursue music.

As Robby got older, he faced the decision of what career path to take. He decided to join the military, specifically the U.S. Coast Guard, when he was twenty years old. This period marked the beginning of a drift away from some of the values he was taught in his youth. Surrounded by people who didn't appreciate his Christian faith, Robby was often mocked and ostracized. He had always struggled with depression, but the isolation made him feel more alone than ever. In the Coast Guard, Robby learned to drink alcohol, thinking it was the only way to connect with the people he served with, even though it didn't help with the loneliness or acceptance.

Robby got married at the age of 22, but the marriage lasted only 5 years. When he got married, it was a moment where he knew he needed to get his life right with God. They became involved in their church community, but things started to change when his ex-wife became addicted to pills, a struggle that lasted throughout their marriage. Robby left the military in 2016, and they moved to Findlay, Ohio, in an attempt to get away from the drugs. However, shortly after moving to Findlay, his wife left him and began an adulterous relationship with a drug dealer.

This had a huge impact on Robby's faith in God. He had to put his trust in God to get through the divorce and remained committed to living his life for Christ despite the circumstances. Robby continued to serve in his church and was faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ.

However, loneliness crept in, and Robby began to lose focus on what God had already provided. He entered into a lifestyle of sin, justifying it by twisting scripture and believing a Calvinist lie that God had predetermined who was going to hell and who was going to heaven. Robby reasoned within himself that if he desired to sin on a regular basis, then he must be predestined for hell, so he might as well have some fun along the way. None of these actions satisfied his soul, and although he grieved the Spirit of God, he continued in his lifestyle. During this time, Robby's first son's mother became pregnant, which led him back to God and a desire to make the situation right. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it right and felt immense guilt for bringing his son, Robert Eugene Heck III, into a broken home.

Robby fell into a deep depression and decided one night to end his life. He began to drink heavily and got behind the wheel, aiming for an overpass. He wrecked his vehicle but, fortunately, did not sustain any major injuries. It was by the grace of God that he survived, and this became his motivation to continually strive to please God.

A few years later, Robby now has 50/50 custody of his son. In 2021, he met his future wife, Laura Heck, on Christian Mingle. Both wanting to follow God's word and build a family together based on God's blueprint for marriage, Laura understood the desire for a man to lead the family, and Robby knew he needed to submit to the role God created for husbands. They fell in love and got married on April 14, 2022. Despite their struggles, they have also experienced overwhelming blessings. Laura has been a wonderful stepmother to Lil Robby, creating a loving home environment for him. On April 21, 2023, Robby's second son, Henry Robert Heck, was born. Robby is excited to see how God can use their family for His glory and what the future holds.